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Модель: MS03
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The Trijicon RedDot Sight 8.0 MOA MS03

The Trijicon RedDot Sight 8.0 MOA MS03 is a red-dot reflex sight that easily mounts in tandem with Trijicon ACOG Scopes. The Trijicon 8 MOA Red Dot Reflex Sight features a Bright LED Illumination that adjusts for brightness automatically, making these red dot sights capable of use in any lighting condition. Powering the Trijicon Red Dot Reflex Sight is a single CR2032 Battery that provides over 17,000 hours of battery life. In addition to the performance of the Trijicon Red-Dot Sight is its quality construction for extreme durability. These Red Dot Sights house a hard coated acrylic lens that can withstand a shock impact up to 5,000G's (ten times greater than products manufactured with glass optics). This Trijicon Red Dot Sight has a clear polymer optic that is parallax-free, and has a 98% light transmission with a one micron tolerance that allows for greater accuracy. The body is designed by Trijicon with a glass re-enforced nylon polymer (which is stronger than aluminum) giving the Trijicon Red Dot Sight 8 MOA MS03 superior performance and strength.